That was the best 15 minutes of my life! It was magical! Thank you!
~C.B. after the 15-minute massage at his workplace in Chapel Hill, NC

Natalie gave me the best massage of my life! She focused on my troubled areas and I think even went over time to ensure that no part was neglected. She used unique and very effective techniques, and hot stones, which was a total plus. She’s been on mind lately because I can’t wait for another one!
~M.D., artist

List of services:

1- service breakdown

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Rates for massage:

3- pricelist

        She did more for my mid-back in seven minutes than two chiropractors in two years. I also got … ton of advice on my posture. It was inspiring to hear someone, “Don’t come back unless you change this and that!” She wasn’t joking.  I scheduled 10 sessions, two sessions a week for a month. It is less than I have spent on chiropractors in the last two years. I am ready to get rid of this excruciating back pain.  ~D.D. IT Director




RELAXATION MASSAGE Swedish massage with a touch of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and relaxing energy work. Natalie calls her regular massages “Holistic” because they take into consideration your current needs. If you know yourself, you can tell me what type of pressure you prefer (light, medium, deep, etc). Massage can be but doesn’t need to be painful to be effective.


4-2 INJURY WORK MASSAGE: Rather than giving you a list of various modalities Natalie is trained to use (“Deep Tissue”, “Swedish”, “Trigger Point”, “Myofascial Release”, and MANY others) and making you pick one for an hour or two, Natalie found out that her clients benefit the most when they rely on her expertise and intuitive and integral approach to healing. Injury massage and pain relief massage might also include yoga poses and stretching (Natalie is a certified yoga instructor), hot (warm) stones, and whatever else comes to Natalie after evaluating you. Injury/pain massages often do not involve relaxation, b/c you will be talking back to the therapist, moving to various positions, etc. Please bring short shorts that you don’t mind showing to this type of massage; please wear/bring a bra that unstraps in the back (if you are a woman).

ADD HOT STONES FOR extra $10 dollars Add hot/warm stones that relax your muscles even more! Don’t let the word “hot” scare you away! The better name for this massage would be “warm stone massage” because smooth heated basalt stones are used. Hot stones have been used in many cultures (including Native Americans) as part of a healing process. The heat helps tight muscles release (or like one of my clients says, “Melt”). Natalie leaves heated stones in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, upper chest, or legs to improve blood circulation, while she is performing massage on the body parts that are not cooling the stones at the stone1

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: Pregnant goddesses can read more about massage here.

ENERGY WORK (REIKI, etc):  More information about energy wellness is here.



Insurance, FSAs, HSAs

If you participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), your tax-free contributions to the plan can be used for qualified medical expenses that are not normally covered by health insurance (check your plan details, coverage, and requirements). I can provide a detailed receipt that you will need to file yourself.
Insurance coverage: If massage is needed for medical reasons, you might be able to get reimbursed by your provider. You have to call and see. If they cover massage, you will most likely need a prescription from your physician first. I can provide a detailed receipt that you will need to file yourself.

Both of these options require some time investment on your part (calling insurance, doing paperwork, figuring out how to fill out their forms), but it might be worth, at least, investigating it if you need massage for pain-related reasons.



Full-time Local Students (email me the photo of your ID when you schedule your appointment): $60 an hour special rate

Package deals:
I don’t offer package discounts, as my rates are substantially lower than others with my skills. The best compliment is seeing you regularly and your referrals to friends and family.

The Red Envelope Program
In many Asian countries, doctors, teachers, and religious leaders are honored with monetary gifts which are presented in a red envelope.  If you have limited means, I have a fixed number of slots in my schedule available to those in need.  I ask that you honestly consider your priorities and be willing to negotiate a fee with me that we can both feel is fair and reasonable, then place your cash honorarium in a red envelope (I will happily furnish a receipt). Please note, that the therapist also has the same bills as you have, plus the costs of office rent, license costs, equipment and supplies costs. The times available for the red envelope program are during the morning hours only.