Natalie Sablina, CMT, LMBT

massage therapist, yoga instructor, performer, artist, motivator, and educator


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
  • Transplant from North Carolina


  • Massage Therapy School Diploma
  • Many hours of continuing education in massage and other healing arts. I study every week as “the truly educated never graduate”
  • 8 years of full-time massage therapy experience
  • VA Board of Nursing Massage Therapy Certification #19009191, NC Massage Therapist License #10434, NCBTMB # 594811-10, Florida Massage License# MA81490, FL Establishment #MM35253


  • Yoga and Meditation Instructor, certified 200hr & 500hr
  • Studied with the best yoga teachers of various lineages and traditions
  • 8 years of yoga teaching experience


  • Performed flying dance for thousands of people at various events, theaters, festivals, weddings, and corporate events in NC and FL


  • In her past life: graphic designer, photographer, I.T. lady (fixing computers), EMT, management and marketing instructor, professional translator, counselor for at-risk children, small business consultant-helper, etc…

I must say, to learn what Natalie has learned about life at her age… well, she is most fortunate. By the time that she gets to be my age, she will have found nirvana, no doubt, in the strictest Buddhist tradition


Registered Nurse

When I think of the “Butterfly Effect”, I imagine the effects of the small wings of the smallest butterfly on record, the Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly, whose wingspan is only 5 to 7 mm. It has an effect even though it is small. It is said that the largest butterfly is the Queen Alexandria’s Birdwing of New Guinea. It’s wingspan can reach up to 1 foot (30cm). This species of butterfly live in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. While still a caterpillar they eat the Pipevine plant, which contains poison. This makes the butterfly toxic to predators, making anything that eats one very ill. Predators quickly learn to leave this species of huge butterfly alone. Natalie is both “the big” and “the small” to me… If you look deeper, she is the Pygmy Blue and the Queen Alexandria’s Birdwing.  The “Natalie Effect” can not be fathomed in a single lifetime.  She will keep flying and fluttering. She has so much to teach and will affect lifetimes.


Business owner and manager, social and political activist

Natalie, you are a very special person , gifted in so many ways that reach out and touch our very soul.

~Research Scientist

Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy range from reducing chronic aches & pains to relieving the growing tensions created by the modern lifestyle full of stressors, pressures & poor posture. Whether your muscles are sore from abundance of physical activity or lack of it, Healing Multiverse Massage Therapy in Naples, FL, is for you. For some people, massage therapy is the only quiet relaxing hour of the week.

Yoga Lessons

Do you want to learn yoga? Private lessons are available for practitioners of all ages and experiences. If you have never done yoga, this is a great place to start… or if you feel that you aren’t progressing in a group class, Healing Multiverse Yoga in Naples, FL, is a great place to start. I can teach you meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), or yoga poses (asanas) for strength & flexibility.

Flying Performances

Stunning flying aerial dance performances in Naples, FL, are available for your events, weddings, grand openings, festivals, anniversary parties, fundraisers and other community events. I can perform indoors on my rig or your structurally sound beam or outdoors on my rig. Create a WOW factor for your events!

Contact Information


My phone is (239) 227-9084. Texting is much faster than voicemails because sometimes I only have a minute between sessions, clients, students, and meetings. Either way, leave me a text, a voicemail, or an email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please give me as much information as possible in your message – how I can help you and when, and your contact information, including your name. I am looking forward to working with you!



When you are inspired by some great purpose,
some extraordinary project,
all of your thoughts break their bonds:
your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction and
you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and
you discover yourself to be a greater person
than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”