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bannClient testimonials (massage therapy in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC):

THANK YOU! I can’t believe the range of motion I have today! My arm is tender but I can MOVE!
~FT, dancer


I would guess in the the simplest terms, our job as human beings is to see the light in others (as well as ourselves) . You certainly make that easy!!! It was truly a gift to meet you and have the benefit of your healing touch. My arm feels better than it has in a long time.  ~E.S., business owner, president, author


“I have had one massage therapy session with Natalie in Durham, NC, and can steadfastly say that Natalie is an excellent massage therapist.  For well over 8 months I have dealt with a left frozen shoulder.  Physical therapy did little to resolve the issue.  After a one-hour session with Natalie, I have more range of motion than I have had in 8 months.  Yes, I have already made another appointment! A massage by Natalie is a healing experience–physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
-M.H., local gov’t official


My massage made me very happy. I went in with the intent to have an all over general massage with some concentration on my left hip area. It seemed to me that my body told Natalie and Natalie intuitively knew what to do and where to work out some knots that were causing me much pain in my leg/hip. I am basically a very healthy fit older woman, but have pain in the above area every night … enough to wake me up from sleeping. Since my massage, I have not woken up once because of bad pain. This makes me very happy. It also made me realize that I need to have massages more often. As I told my husband when I walked in the door after the massage and he said, “how was it?”, I found the person that I will get my massages with going forward. I already made my next appointment!! Thank you Natalie!!
~EQAK,Chapel Hill/Carrboro Schools, artist


My forearm feels so good today! Thank you, Natalie!!!! I’m really impressed how much better I feel. I may get whole again
~F.T., dancer


She did more for my mid-back in seven minutes than two chiropractors in two years. I also got […] ton of advice on my posture. It was inspiring to hear someone, “Don’t come back unless you change this and that!” She wasn’t joking. I scheduled 10 deep tissue massage sessions in Chapel Hill, two sessions a week for a month. It is less than I have spent on chiropractors in the last two years.I am ready to get rid of this excruciating back pain.
~D.D. IT Director


Best massage ever! My back hasn’t felt this good in years! I will definitely be a repeat customer.
~Radiology Technologist


2-3I had a visit from a spirit angel today.. she lifted most of my body and muscle pains… you just cant imagine how much better i feel.. thank you so much, Natalie! you just cant believe how my muscles responded to your OUT OF THIS WORLD touch.. simply wonderful.. my muscles and my soul feel so much better, it let me relax and keep up with all the things going on in my life… huge thanks, Natalie. for all of your effort in making my massage a *perfect* time in my day…
~A.O., electrical equipment specialist


That was the best 15 minutes of my life! It was magical! Thank you!
~C.B. after the 15-minute massage at his workplace


Natalie is a breath of fresh air and imparts wisdom and guidance as supplements to her outstanding bodywork. Her wisdom and spirit are palpable. If you are considering therapy for stress or anxiety, try Natalie first. She heals mind AND body!
~Graphic Designer


Thank you so much for your email! The Bodywork was fantastic, you are a truly gifted healer and I look foward to more work with you in the future. I thought I would never be able to find anyone around here. I am also feeling like much more of myself, and that you def helped me push thru and clear out some energy. I cannot thank you enough!


This was my very first massage, but Natalie was phenomenal. She relieved all of the tension in my neck, shoulders, and back in just one thirty minute session and I left feeling amazing. She was also helpful in finding what was causing my tension and gave me ways to improve. Will definitely go back!
~M.B., Research Technician


I really enjoyed the session and I do think that my breathing benefited. I experienced what I have felt only a few times when I have heard certain musical performances, the expression we use is that something is so beautiful so that it gives you chills, which I really think means that you feel more alive.
~C.W., artist


Natalie provided the perfect touch whether I had a few aches and pains or whether I just came in for a soothing massage. Always felt better after seeing her.
~K.W., small business owner


Natalie gave me the best massage of my life! She focused on my troubled areas and I think even went over time to ensure that no part was neglected. She used unique and very effective techniques, and hot stones, which was a total plus. She’s been on mind lately because I can’t wait for another one!
~M.D., artist


btw, my neck does not hurt at all. You did some magic. Thank you!!!


Thank you so much for your wonderful touch.  I felt 100% better- I so appreciate you!  and my calves do as well-
~M., scientist


Thank you for the wonderful massage. Still the best masseuse I know!


While looking on Triangle Yoga’s website for classes, I saw that Natalie provides massage therapy at this convenient location in Chapel Hill, NC. I have seen other professional massage therapists in the past, but none have had the depth of knowledge and care that Natalie shows for her clients. To receive the full benefit of massage, you must put great trust in your therapist — and Natalie returns that trust with special attention to your needs at the time. Sore neck or bruised ankle, she knows the best combination of movement and massage to make you feel wonderful!
~L.N., MBA


I don’t usual –ever– relax, so I was quite unaccustomed to it. That having been said- it was wonderful in a way I can’t really put into words.
~M.D., PhD, professor


I wanted to email you about the outcome of our energy session last Sunday.  I have seen a drastic difference since then.  First of all, I’ve decided what to do about grad programs for next year.  Also, I had a very empowering meeting and I’ve resolved a couple tough issues on cases that were worrying me.  I’m still stressed, but my attitude is different.  I feel more passionate and alive than I have in a while. Thanks!


My physical, mental and spiritual state is so comfortable during and after visiting you that I am hoping you are the last place I go before my surgery at the hospital. For years I have wanted to go to a massage therapist but never came across the right person. From the first session I felt very comfortable with you. So thank you for guiding me into what has become an important part of my life and well being.


I have had only one massage session with Natalie and could say that was one of the best I have had. It released the tension in my whole body and specially in my upper back and shoulders. I have had fewer headaches in the past few days and am looking forward to the next one.
~S.T., PhD, professor


With every part that Natalie worked on and loosened up, I noticed another part of me that was tight that I hadn’t previously noticed – and that part was always the next place she worked on. By the time she was done, my entire body was relaxed. It was great.


Natalie is an exceptional massage therapist. She creates a kind, caring, open, and accepting environment. Her work is intentional, competent, strong, gentle, effective, and respectful. She has an excellent balance of expertise and intuition. I have had massages from several massage therapists over the years and Natalie ranks with the best. I look forward to the privilege of future services from her.
~NG, nurse


grrrreat! thanks natalie, you’re the best!


The Bodywork was fantastic, you are a truly gifted healer and I look forward to more work with you in the future. I thought I would never be able to find anyone around here. I am also feeling like much more of myself, and that you def helped me push thru and clear out some energy. I cannot thank you enough!
~ anonymous


I really wanted to let you know how incredible I felt after I left your studio. In fact, I still feel the positive effects of visiting you. I had not idea that I could feel so calm. Thank you.
~B.B., IT


Natalie has the innate ability to intuit what the client’s mind and body require when one is on her massage table.  The technical aspect of her massage is physically and mentally therapeutic.  Additionally, her infusion of “energy work” makes one’s experience unique…a healing experience.
~K.B.M., yoga instructor


Thank you so much Natalie. What a lovely experience to get to meet you. Your presence is so peaceful and soothing. I truly appreciate your words and they support me in the natural unfolding of finding real work that fulfills me!
~C.C., psychotherapist


Natalie gives a wonderful massage, with some excellent life advice on the side! I left her clinic feeling more peaceful and more relaxed than I had in quite a while.
~ medical student


My shoulder area feels better. I think the session was really helpful!  I appreciated that you focused on relaxing the muscles all around the front and back of the shoulders.
~A.A., lawyer


Prior to my massage, Natalie asked if I had any problem areas. The result was a massage tailored to my needs rather than a series of massage techniques.
~C.L., director of a fitness facility


I enjoyed meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed the massage.  I have felt great all weekend!
~J.B, teacher

It was an excellent experience. I did Yoga last night, and this morning my left shoulder felt great, not stiff like normal. If I were a rich man I would have you heal my shoulder every week.

The session was VERY nice and relaxing.  Thank you for your time and talent!
~ M.P., marketing


I enjoyed my massage!!  I felt sooo good afterwards!
~N.B., teacher


I felt very relaxed today and my neck and back much less sore. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my pasture…it’s hard thanks again !!!! :)


You have wonderful hands!….  The lower left side of my back is still a little sensitive, but sooo much better. I feel great, and I’m sure I’m standing up straighter. Also, my bag is now on my right shoulder.
~MDS, Real Estate Broker


It was very very good.  He was so excited that he felt so much better…He said it was the best message he ever had. That is saying a lot from him.


Dropping a note to say my body feels good and more flexible after the massage
~S.I., scientist


Thank you so much for such a healing & stress reducing massage yesterday. I felt more clear-headed & energized afterwards & am determined to take a yoga class soon! Many thanks
~R.R., psychologist


I came in for a prenatal massage due to back pain. Natalie found other areas I was also holding tension and relieved my back pain. I felt so much better after the massage and I will definitely return.
~J.R., Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant


Thank You!  I feel lots better!
~J.H., construction


I was feeling tired and tense before visiting Natalie. After an hour of strong massage, in a relaxing environment that featured soft music and scented oils, I felt my body and mind completely unwind. I felt completely re-centered.


Really enjoyed the massage. Natalie did an analysis of my situation and then spent a very focused session targeted to my issues. She has great touch and checked on with me often to identify areas where I felt pain. She also gave me some techniques fr use at home. Great massage overall !
~I.T. director


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